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Supernatural icontest

An icon challenge devoted to the WB's television show Supernatural

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Welcome to super_icontest!

The Challenge

super_icontest is a challenge for the WB's television show, Supernatural, airing Thursday's at 9pm after Smallville. The challenge will feature anything related to the show and will feature pictures, bases, quotes, and lyrics. As this implies the rules will change slightly week by week. The only big rule is that spoiler pictures will not, and are not to be, used. Some will allow free picture choice, most will give a picture and you cannot use any other(if it's different it will state so in the post), if there is more than one picture, you can blend them. Any special rules will be posted on the challenge post.

Stock pictures and textures unrelated to the show are welcome, so long as the challenge requirement (picture given, quote, etc.) is met.

*You must be a member to participate in this challenge.*

**You may only enter under ONE username. If I discover someone entering under two different user names ALL icons for their user names will be disqualified for that round, and if they do it again they will be banned. That is just NOT fair.**

The Icons

Every week a challenge will be posted. Post your icons as a comment in that post. All comments are screened to ensure anonymity so do not post your icons elsewhere until the results have been posted. You may submit up to two icons, unless otherwise noted. All icons must fit LJ standards. 100x100 px max, 40kB max, and .jpg, .png or .gif formats. All icons must also be made by you for the challenge, and have never been seen by anyone but you. Do not recycle your icons, or someone elses.

Post both img and url versions of your icon(s). Make sure your icon is on a reliable server. www.photobucket.com works well, the images for this community will be hosted on photobucket, so if it's down, the community will be on hiatus until it is back up.

Example of your entry comment should look:


Entries will not be accepted without the URL AND Image.

You can change your entry if you get it in before the deadline. Do so by deleting your OLD entry and then posting a new one with the new icons.

The Vote

Submissions will be closed and posted for voting at Midnight on Fridays. When you vote, vote for your three favourites. And no voting for yourself.

The Winners

After votes are tallied, winners are announced. There are first, second, and third places, and there may be ties up to two icons. If more than two icons are tied, there will be a tiebreaker poll.

The Schedule

Sunday: A new challenge is posted.
Sunday Night-Friday Evening: Submit icon(s).
Sunday Night/Very Early Monday: Results posted.
Monday Daytime: Banners posted.
Friday Night: Voting is posted.
Friday Night-Sunday Night: Voting takes place.

If you have any questions please check out the FAQ first before contacting a mod. Chances are, your question has already been answered.


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