filmobsessed137 (filmobsessed137) wrote in super_icontest,

Challenge #106 winners

Recently we'd been having a lot of landslide victories... not so much the case this time. First place did win by a LOT but, after that it was a really tight race, so tight, there's an honorable mention. I hope this means these new post-writer's strike induced hiatus episodes are inspiring you!

First Place:

by starpixie16

Second Place:

by violateraindrop

Third Place:

by padabee

Honorable Mention:

by kentawolf

Mod's Choice:

by starpixie16
I love the coloring, and the simplicity of it. So perfect.

Critic's Choice:

by kentawolf
The face is just too damn classic and I LOVE the text. So very much.
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